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Chestnut Ridge West Camden Blount County Bradley County Upper Cumberland Cumberland County Decatur Dekalb Dyersburg Morristown Lakeway Chattanooga Bolivar-Hardeman Carter Valley Jefferson County Loudon County Madison County Marion County Cedar Ridge Mcminn County Meadow Branch Bi-County Northwest Tennessee Alan's Industrial Services Pickett County Rhea County BFI Middle Point Landfill Volunteer Regional Landfill Sevier Solid Waste Inc. BFI South Shelby Landfill BFI North Shelby Landfill Smith County Landfill Iris Glen Environmental Center White County Landfill Williamson County Landfill
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  Landfills represented by squares will readily accept deadstock, those
represented by diamonds denote landfills with restrictions (for example,
only accepting from in-county farms), and those represented by circles are
unlikely to accept deadstock. The shaded counties participate in a pickup
and landfill disposal service with Appertain Corporation.