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Spill Prevention, Control
and Countermeasure Examples

Example One

Example One Containment

Example one features a concrete containment in which the steel fuel storage tank is set. The containment and fuel tank are then covered with a post frame structure which includes side sheds for housing trucks, tractors or other farm equipment. Following are some pictures from the Example One Farm:

Finished storage The finished SPCC   Fuel tank is set Fuel tank is set in the containment
Floor reinforcing The floor should be reinforced   Tank Mount Detail Fuel tank mounting detail
Floor reinforcing detail Detail of the floor reinforcing   Setting tank is complete Setting fuel tank is complete
Wall reinforcing The wall reinforcing   Roof is started The roof is started
Wall forming The wall is formed   Roofing and siding The roofing and siding
Floor/wall detail Floor and wall detail   SPCC is ready to use The SPCC is ready to use