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Ag & the Environment

Selected Extension Publications

Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC)
The Agricultural Producer’s Comprehensive Guide to Federal Oil Pollution Prevention Regulations (W250)

Open Burning of On-farm Wastes
A guide to legal and safe open burning of on-farm wastes in Tennessee (W249)

Mortality Management
Disposing of Large Animal Mortalities (W255)
Burying Large Animal Mortalities (W258)
Composting Large Animal Mortalities in Tennessee (W251)
Land-filling Large Animal Mortalities in Tennessee (W252)
Using Incinerators for Poultry Mortality Management

Livestock Watering Systems
Solar-Powered Livestock Watering Systems (PB1640)
Selection of Alternative Livestock Watering Systems (PB1641)
Selection of Beef Watering Systems (WQS-01-01)

Basic Filtration for Micro-Irrigation Systems
Basic Fertigation for Micro-Irrigation Systems

EPCRA Guidance for Poultry Producer Reporting Requirements. Circular and factsheet, Tennessee Poultry Association, Grower Education Seminar Series.

Efficient use of Biosolids on Beef Pastures and Hay Fields. Proceedings of the 2008 University of Tennessee Beef & Forage Field Day.

Horse Manure Management. University of Tennessee Extension Master Horse Owner Manual.

Funding Available to Address Livestock Drought Stress. UTIA Web Packet News and Information for Use by Agents, September 4, 2007.

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