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Dairy Waste Transport and Land Application Cost Comparisons (POSTER & PAPER
Land application is the most prevalent method of utilizing animal manure. A wide variety of equipment is available for    transporting and land applying animal wastes. A significant portion of a dairy's operational costs are incurred because of manure transport and application. This work seeks to provide realistic cost estimates and net fertilizer value returns for these processes. It evaluates the impact of nitrogen and phosphorus based applications, herd size and transport distances on costs and net fertilizer value.

Reducing Soluble Phosphorus Content to Control Algal Growth in Farm Ponds (POSTER)
Water quality in many ponds is poor due to poor management. Sediments and excessive nutrients, especially phosphorus, cause algal growth, low dissolved oxygen levels, fish kills and odors. Herbicide technologies for controlling algae do not treat the problem but rather the symptoms, therefore control with herbicide is often temporary. Addition of alum, a common technology for drinking water treatment, treats the problem.

Educational Video clips  
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     - "Water Quality"  
     - "Making Compost"  
     - "Environmental Chicken Litter"  
     - "Soil Recycling" 
    - "Alum for Treating Pond Algae " 
     - "Liquid Al+ClearŽ Application" - General Chemical view using Windows Media Player